Gir Cow Ghee A2 certified-Made by Bilona Method 1000ml

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Farm Creme - A2 Buffalo Ghee - 100% Pure and Organic - Diet friendly - Made by Traditional Bilona Method - Glass Bottle - FSSAI approved.

1) Organic And Pure A2 Buffalo Ghee: Experience the rich and aromatic taste of desi ghee a2 that is derived from a2 buffalo milk. Our  buffalos are reared in our organic and healthy farm, located in Agra. They are farm fresh and 100% purely organic thus blending well with Indian dishes that require the spice and taste of it. The fat content in our desi ghee helps to boost the immune system. The Omega 3-6 rich a2 buffalo ghee is a good source of protein intake. 


2) Healthy Farm-Bred Buffalos: The a2 buffalo milk that is used to make our desi ghee a2 is sourced from our very own farm-bred buffalos. The buffalos are allowed to graze freely on the lush pastures, thus giving them the positive environment to produce good quality milk.  The buffalos are monitored periodically and milked using high-end technological machines to ensure 100% natural and organic a2 buffalo milk. Thus the desi ghee which is derived from the milk is top quality.


3) Traditional Bilona Method: 


We use the traditional buffalo ghee bilona method to produce our a2 ghee bilona. It  is an 100% organic and natural method that facilitates good ghee production. The milk is heated in earthen pots to make curd. The curd is then churned to make butter and further evaporated to obtain the pure desi ghee a2 bilona we proudly bring to you. The richness of our bilona ghee lies in its ayurvedic and medicinal benefits. 


4) Buffalo ghee benefits: 


By consuming desi ghee a2 you will gain energy, stamina and great strength. It is a nutritional source for kids as they help in body growth and development. A great aspect of desi ghee is that it helps as a sleep inducer. You can consume it before going to sleep for a refreshing and healthy sleep. It also improves your immunity,  helps in absorbing vitamins and minerals and thus fight against viruses and bacteria that are harmful. It also helps in digestion of food. 

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