About Us

Farm Creme is born because our kids deserve the best. It is pure cow’s milk that you can completely trust. It has rich flavour, creamy texture and that beautiful aroma, many of you have forgotten due to dependence on poor quality packet milk. Our milk is produced without antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones and toxic pesticides.

FarmCreme Dairy Farm has dedicated vast, peaceful farmlands to keep our cows healthy and happy spread in 60 Acres, 15 Acres for Farm Activity and 45 Acres for Fresh Green Fodder. The farm is equipped with the finest international technology for feeding, milking, processing and agriculture. Happy cows produce the finest milk.



With Farm Creme you can rest assured that your Milk has:

  • 100% Purity and Freshness
  • Touch Free Milk
  • No pesticides, chemicals or adulterants
  • No hormones like oxytocin or antibiotics
  • No Plastic or Reusable Glass Packing
  • Cold supply chain processes

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