A2 Gir Cow Ghee 500ml

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Farm Creme A2  Gir Cow Ghee is  100% Pure and Organic, is made by Traditional Bilona Method, Immunity Booster  Diet Friendly and also rich in Vitamin E, K and other essential nutrients.

  1. Pure Vedic A2 Ghee: Farm Creme a2 Gir cow ghee is what you require for the complete balanced meal. The a2 cow ghee is a protein packed ghee consisting of a2 proteins that is derived from a2 milk, directly from our farm-fed cows. Our Gir cow a2 ghee is 100% natural and organic, which is a result of the farm fresh milk that we get from our Gir cows. The intake of the ghee which is full of calcium, protein and iron will make sure that your body and mind stay healthy.
  2. Utilization Of Ghee: The utilization of our farm fresh a2 Gir cow ghee will make you healthy, given the calcium, iron and protein content in it. The a2 beta-casein proteins that are present in the cow ghee are the purest and healthiest sources of protein. Our pure a2 ghee, which is devoid of any chemicals or adulterations make sure that the right amount of nutrient intake is consumed through it. The presence of omega 3 in the ghee will strengthen the immune system and boost metabolism.
  3. A2 Milk Cow Ghee Sourced from Gir cows: The organic a2 cow Gir ghee is a prime result of taking good care of our a2 ghee gir cow which eats the lush green grass in our farm. Our cows produce the best milk as a result of the loose farming concept, where they are let free to graze on medicinal pastures. The a2 ghee gir cows are milked using highly advanced technological machines to generate the purest Gir cow a2 ghee, thus avoiding any man made contact and bacterial activity.
  4. Bilona Traditional Method: The bilona method is used to produce the famous and ever loved Farm Creme a2 ghee bilona. In this method, the milk is first heated in earthen pots to make curd. The curd is then churned to make butter and further evaporated to get the bilona ghee. No artificial machines or chemicals are used in the process, thus enhancing the quality of the cow ghee. This organic farm fresh process of churning ghee is an irreplaceable method to produce high quality Gir ghee a2 bilona.
  5. Medicinal purposes: Consuming pure vedic a2 cow ghee will provide the right amount of fats in your body that is good for your health. They are vital for building cell membranes and strengthening them. You can consume a2 Gir cow ghee if you are casein or lactose intolerant as it has very little casein content. This ghee because of its Ayurvedic and medical properties can be used to reduce body inflammation. You can apply our a2 cow ghee on wounds and burns to fasten the healing process.
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