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FarmCrème delivers what’s best for a healthy family! Pure and premium cow milk with a rich flavour and creamy texture, FarmCreme preserves the natural aroma and liberates its customers from health risks arising due to adulteration in the contemporary ways of milk production and delivery. Our organic approach to milk production is devoid of antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones and toxic pesticides.



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Most hassle-free delivery system

With your needs in mind, Farm Creme is designed to provide extreme convenience and comfort right at your doorstep, same time every day.

You can see the icon as shown in picture, click install. Once done, it will show installed. you can click open.
It will ask region in which Agra will come by default .Area /location: fill your area like Sanjay palace , click continue
Add your phone number , click continue, You will get an OTP, type your otp click continue
SUBSCRIPTIONS: Shows what you have shopped. if not yet click on START SHOPPING or + and details of your order like :it comes to you everyday,which date u started ,quantity of milk,type like cow or buffalo, here you can change quantity, set vacations means you can hold your delivery,if you are going out.

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